You finally selected your hardware design, now which finish should you choose?  Finishes should be as individual as you are and that is why Merit offers you 73 beautifully hand-applied finish selections to choose from.  Our finishers take exceptional care whether creating the sparkle of a fine polished brass or the subtle hues of a burnished or antiqued finish.

Brass Finishes

  • Polished Brass (PB)
  • Polished Brass, No Lacquer (PBA)
  • Polished Bronze, Tinted Lacquer (PBZ)
  • Satin Brass (SB)
  • Satin Brass, No Lacquer (SBA)
  • Satin Bronze, Tinted Lacquer (SBZ)

Chrome and Nickel Finishes

  • Polished Chrome (PC)
  • Satin Chrome (SC)
  • Polished Nickel (PN)
  • Polished Nickel, Clear Lacquer (PNCL)
  • Polished Nickel, Matte Lacquer (PNML)
  • Satin Nickel (SN)
  • Satin Nickel, No Lacquer (SNA)

Patinated and Burnished Brass Finishes

  • Aged Brass-wax (AGB)
  • Polished Aged Brass-wax (PAB)
  • Satin Aged Brass-wax (SAB)
  • Butler’s Brass-wax (BUTB)
  • Antique Brass (AB)
  • Light Antique Brass-wax (LAB)
  • Medium Antique Brass-wax (MAB)
  • Polished Light Antique Brass-wax (PLAB)
  • Polished Medium Antique Brass-wax (PMAB)
  • Polished Dark Antique Brass-wax (PDAB)
  • Burnished Brass-wax (BURB)
  • Aged Burnished Brass-wax (ABURB)
  • Light Stat Bronze (L10B)
  • Light Stat Bronze, Matte Lacquer (L10BML)
  • Light Stat Bronze-wax (L10BW)
  • Special Lite L10B Distressed (L10BDIS)
  • Medium Stat Bronze (10B)
  • Medium Stat Bronze, Matte Lacquer (10BML)
  • Medium Stat Bronze Distressed (10BDIS)
  • Medium Stat Bronze-wax (10BW)
  • Medium Stat Bronze, Polished (10BPOL)
  • Satin Black Oxidized (SBLK)
  • English Bronze (EB)
  • Faux Bronze-wax (FBW)
  • Old English (OLE)
  • Old English, Matte Lacquer (OLEML)
  • Old English Dark (OLED)
  • Old World Brass-wax (OWBW)
  • Patina (PAT)

Patinated and Burnished Nickel Finishes

  • Butlers Nickel-wax (BUTN)
  • Burnished Nickel Light-wax (BURNL)
  • Burnished Nickel Medium -wax (BURNM)
  • Burnished Nickel Heavy-wax (BURNH)
  • Blackened Nickel (BLKN)
  • Antique Polished Nickel (APN)
  • Antique Satin Nickel (ASN)
  • Light Pewter-wax (LPEWT)
  • Medium Pewter-wax (MPEWT)
  • Dark Pewter-wax (DPEWT)

Tumbled Finishes

  • Tumbled Light-wax (TUMBBL)
  • Tumbled Medium-wax (TUMBBM)
  • Tumbled Dark-wax (TUMBBD)
  • Tumbled Nickel Light-wax (TUMBWL)
  • Tumbled Nickel Medium-wax (TUMBWM)
  • Tumbled Nickel Dark-wax (TUMBWD)

Gold Plated Finishes

  • Antique Gold (ANTGOLD)
  • Burnished Gold (BURGOLD)
  • Polished Gold (POLGOLD)
  • Satin Gold (SATGOLD)

Silver Plated Finishes

  • Antique Silver (ANTSILV)
  • Butlers Silver (BUTSILV)
  • Polished Silver (POLSILV)
  • Satin Silver (SATSILV)

Bronze Plated Finishes

  • Antique Polished Bronze Plated (APOLBRZ)
  • Antique Satin Bronze Plated (ASBRZ)
  • Polished Bronze Plated (POLBRZ)
  • Satin Bronze Plated (SATBRZ)

Copper Plated Finishes

  • Antique Copper (ANTC)
  • Polished Copper (POLC)
  • Satin Copper (SATC)