Our History

For more than a century, Merit has upheld a uniquely American heritage of quality and craftsmanship. Our hardware has stood alongside presidents, sailed proudly across oceans, and graced the finest homes in the country and around the world.
Merit was founded in 1876, creating hardware for America’s merchant fleets. Since that time we’ve continued to be a family-owned business manufacturing our products in the United States.
That rich history means that we carry a legacy of heritage, quality and craftsmanship into every product we create. Our pieces continue to be crafted at our factory just outside historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
“Merit combines Old World tradition with new technology,” says Adam Stefanowicz, President of Merit, whose family has owned the company since 1987. “The craftsmanship necessary to build our products is unique in today’s world.”
At Merit, we offer more than just hardware. Merit has been delivering quality, craftsmanship, and heritage since 1876.